Product & Technology
Puneet Gupta
Introducing Smart App Categories

App stores were created over a decade ago and the way they classify and categorize apps hasn’t changed much since then. App store categorization lacks

The Passion of The JavaScript Developer - Kayzen
Vlad Feskov
The Passion of the JavaScript Developer

In this video we’re going to talk about tortures, endurance and perseverance   Transcript: Hey, hey, welcome to my talk, “The Passion of the JavaScript

SKADNetwork - Inventory Readiness - Kayzen
Product & Technology
Puneet Gupta
SKADNetwork – Inventory Readiness

This is a live blog that we keep on updating with the latest metrics around ATT and IDFA availability in order to give more clarity

Art of Deployment Optimization - Kayzen
Product & Technology
Servesh Jain
Art of Deployment Optimization

When you run a SaaS-based platform service especially if you run a transparent programmatic DSP platform, your highest motivation is to keep up with the

First Price Auction- A Buyer’s Perspective - Kayzen Blog
Product & Technology
Puneet Gupta
First Price Auction – A Buyer’s Perspective

The mobile app programmatic ecosystem is slowly but surely transitioning from second price to first price auctions. Some exchanges like AdColony, Google AdX, Samsung and