Team & Investors

We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers and advertising professionals who are united by a common vision: to democratize programmatic marketing. Tim, Servesh and Puneet — our three co-founders — have almost 40 years in combined experience building robust and scalable technology products that solve problems for business owners. More than half of this time was spent in the advertising technology sector as one of the pioneers who brought real time bidding protocols to the in-app ad ecosystem.

We came together as a team to start the most exciting chapter in our entrepreneurial careers: Kayzen. After working on the product quietly for some time, we officially launched Kayzen, the world’s first mobile in-house bidder, in January 2019. Our founders are not the only ones who knew each other before Kayzen — many of our team members worked together before coming on board. Hence, we know how to rely on each other and collaborate to build a world-class product that achieves outstanding results.

Initially funded out of our own pockets and supported by “family and friends” money, we took on further capital from VCs in late 2019 to accelerate our product roadmap and business expansion. With Roberto Bonanzinga of InReach Ventures and Petteri Kopponen of Lifeline Ventures and their respective teams, we are thrilled to have found investors that not only think and act like entrepreneurs themselves, but also have a wealth of experience in building companies which scaled to some of the largest European based tech unicorns (Supercell, Unity, Contentful, to name just a few of them). The same round saw contributions from a number of high profile business angels, including Timo Soininen, founder of Small Giant Games (acquired by Zynga).

Founding Team


Tim Koschella

CEO & Co-Founder


Puneet Gupta

CPO & Co-Founder


Servesh Jain

CTO & Co-Founder

We are Kayzen. We live Kaizen.


Kaizen (改善) is the Japanese word for “change for better” and refers to a culture of continuous improvement across all levels of an organization.

We as Kayzen – with a Y – keep this concept at our heart – but also see it as a mantra for the industry itself.

We are a team of mobile ad-tech veterans who are passionate about solving big business and technology problems. Most of us have been dedicating their focus to building real-time ad trading systems over the past 5 or more years.

What our investors say

Roberto Bonanzinga

Partner & Co-Founder @InReach Ventures

"We were impressed with the quality of the team at Kayzen and their in-depth knowledge about the market. Puneet, Servesh and Tim are so incredibly focused on building the best product and adding value for their customers."

Petteri Kopponen

Co-Founder and Partner @Lifeline Ventures

"Having invested in Supercell during their first angel round and in Applifier as their lead investor (which later became Unity Ads), I understand that the mobile games market offers massive rewards for those companies who crack it. Kayzen is leading the way to a more transparent future of mobile advertising. This will be big!"

Timo Soininen

Co-Founder & CEO, Small Giant Games (acquired by Zynga)

"At Small Giant Games we were always wondering why the mobile advertising market, a function that forms a strategic component of the value chain for game companies, doesn't have a player like Kayzen yet. Here they are."