Enterprise-level advertising software that is built to deliver performance while providing full transparency and control for mobile marketers in real-time



  • Full visibility into every campaign detail in real-time
  • Total transparency of bids, wins, impressions, eCPMs and more on publishers and exchanges
  • Unconditional cost transparency
  • Log-level data access


  • Fully self-serve UI enabling marketers to take control of their campaigns
  • API integrations to pull real-time data directly into reporting dashboards or push data into Kayzen in real-time
  • Powerful granular reporting showing real-time data across 25 metrics and 40 dimensions
  • No QPS limits or restrictions


  • Optimized bidding models for CPM (Bid shading), CPC, CPI and CPA
  • Modular architecture supporting BYOA (Bring your own algorithm) and BYOS (Bring your own supply)
  • Mobile ecosystem optimized – S2S clicks, mobile specific creative optimization, integration with mobile focused exchanges, advanced real-time integration with MMP’s and more

Designed to perform out-of-the-box through an intuitive UI

  • Intuitive Dashboards and customizable widgets
  • Advanced reporting with full transparency - media cost, CPM, publisher placements and more
  • Granular log-level impression and click logs
  • Advanced audience segmentation enables you to create audiences based on your business needs. E.g., create an audience of all users in the US who have an android phone and have opened the app more than 5 times in the last 3 days but exclude those users who have already registered
  • All audiences updated real time - Say goodbye to batch jobs and daily updates
  • Advanced analytics around audience size - potential reach rate, actual reach rate and more
  • Full visibility into >50bn bid requests received daily by Kayzen platform
  • Understand and analyze the mobile programmatic ecosystem by filtering and grouping the data across different dimensions. E.g., how much inventory is available for iOS devices in the US where the user can be targeted with an interstitial video ad of length greater than 15 seconds
  • Save different views, pivot and filter the data across various dimensions present in Open RTB protocol
  • Access to all major mobile programmatic inventory sources and creative formats
  • Performance algorithms that are built to solve for mobile focused use cases
  • Integration with all major mobile MMP’s

Engineered to be modular, and fully accessible via APIs

Build your own programmatic stack on top of your In-house Bidder™

Kayzen provides a robust out-of-the-box solution built to meet all of your programmatic needs. Kayzen is also a modular solution, allowing customization where you need it.

Don’t want to send all in-app events from MMP? Leverage Kayzen event API and pass events directly from your proprietary systems. Want to take control of serving creatives? Plug in your own creative ad server. Want to take control of bidding algorithms? Embrace Kayzen’s BYOA API to plug in your own optimization models and take control of your programmatic buying.

Bring your own Ad serverBring your own supplyBring your own audienceConnect via APIBring your own algorithmsGlobal CDN coverageIntegrated with all major mobile exchangesAdvanced integrations with MMPsIntuitive UI/UXAlgorithms for your performance goalsin-house bidder Out-of-the-boxBring and build your own

Built for a Real-Time world.

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Take control and in-house mobile programmatic!