Media Buyers

Reach 2bn+ smartphone users globally through one powerful platform. Create, manage, control and optimize your campaigns across video, rich media, banner and native ads.

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Custom bidding and deep analytics

Discover our custom bidding and deep analytics features. Choose between default optimization algorithms such as CPM, CPC and CPI models or control the price of media with our powerful bid multipliers through the UI. Integrate and visualize your conversion funnel and access data by 100+ dimensions and metrics including numerous user level, creative level and contextual attributes.

Dedicated support

We are only successful if you are. This is why we have a dedicated success team for media buyers who help you navigate the complexities of the in-app ad ecosystem. You can seek advice on targeting and optimization strategies, creative moderation and much more. Creating and scaling profitable campaigns is not easy, but with our tech savvy team at your service you can reach and maintain the best results.

Agile & Fast

We understand that competitive advantage in the media industry is achieved through a fast and agile work process and team. We are committed to moving as fast as you do. Continuous improvement (‘Kai-zen’) is in our name, so we strive to get better wherever we can. Whether we are improving existing features, shipping new ones or finding pragmatic solutions to tough problems, continuous improvement is in our DNA.

Global inventory access

Kayzen is integrated with all mobile in-app inventory globally. We process more than 80 billion ad auctions per day. Through our technology infrastructure, you can reach more than 2 billion users monthly across 200 countries and more than 400,000 apps on both Android and iOS. A true one-stop shop for all your programmatic campaigns.

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Products

Leverage the power and reveal the potential reach of the programmatic ecosystem for your D2C brand. By working with curated pre-approved inventory whitelists from exchanges, using innovative creative formats such as rewarded videos, interactive creatives, as well as receiving top class campaign support and analysis insights. We have the knowledge and capabilities to help you expand your campaigns beyond facebooks’ and Google’s walled gardens.

Client Testimonials

Harry Jung

CEO & Founder, MomoMedia (Seoul, S. Korea)

Through Kayzen we can access the massive audience of billions of global monthly active app users with high converting in-app video ads. Their team is agile and fast helping us understand and navigate ad moderation policies by country, exchange and publisher. They are also great sparring partners for feedback and ideation of new opportunities.

Case Studies

Using Kayzen‘s incrementality in retargeting campaigns, we reached 10.5% incremental increase in user engagement with more engaging formats like interstitials delivering higher incremental engagement at 54% cheaper cost.