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Video+ is an industry-leading product that extends video by integrating interactivity and data to enhance performance.







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The Video+ Difference

Merge your branding and performance campaigns using interactive end cards for targeted engagement and measurable success across the funnel.

Fullscreen & Interactive: get 100% of your audience’s attention

Drive impact using fullscreen mobile in-app inventory turbocharged with interactivity

Re-use proven creative assets

Leverage your existing successful ads with Video+’s capability to adapt and enhance your content for this new format.

Massive Scale: 2Bn Users each month

Video+ integrates across more than 200.000 Apps reaching more than 2Bn users across 180 countries each month

Video+ Explained

Video+ is Kayzen’s proprietary two-stage ad format. It combines the impact and engagement of fullscreen video (= stage 1), with the focus and granular attribution of a traditional performance campaign (= stage 2) – all within the same ad impression. Essentially, for each impression you buy, you get two opportunities to convince the targeted user of the advertised product or service.


Video+ Experience Modalities



Video+ and Smart Ad Sequencing for an Enhanced User Journey

Employ Video+ in your Smart Ad Sequencing strategy to enhance the precision of your campaigns, allowing for more granular audience segmentation and timely message delivery. This approach, backed by sophisticated machine learning, sharpens each step from initial engagement to final purchase, ensuring meaningful interactions that lead to measurable results.

Success Stories

Achieving your goals, Video+ in action

Case study

Maniko Nails

Kayzen approached us with their Video+ solution for D2C brands. I can say that it has been one of those rare surprises where a new channel you never knew about before is significantly ROAS positive and brings in a constant flow of new, incremental customers. We now deliver more than 10 Million in-app video+ impressions via Kayzen every month in Germany alone.

Georg Blüm

Co-Founder and CMO


Maniko Nails aimed to enhance their growth and user acquisition beyond the walled gardens (Meta platforms, Google, TikTok) while ensuring high engagement levels.


Kayzen’s Video+ format – Utilized Kayzen’s exclusive Video+ ad format to create compelling and engaging video ads.

Smart Ad Sequencing strategy – Implemented a strategic ad sequencing approach to deliver a series of ads in an optimal order, further engaging the audience and strengthening the campaign’s impact.

Targeted campaigns – Concentrated efforts on reaching the ideal demographic with messages tailored to resonate with potential customers.


The strategic use of Kayzen’s Video+ format and smart ad sequencing proved to be a highly effective combination for MANIKO Nails, resulting in increased user acquisition, heightened engagement, and substantial growth in revenue and market presence.


In Our Clients’ Words: Impressions of Video+ Impact

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