Discover the potential of mobile RTB
with our free audience insights tools

Estimate the reach for your audience on mobile RTB

Our free Audience Reach Estimator allows you to see the potential reach you can get across all the inventory accessible through the Kayzen platform when (re)targeting your users.

  •  Understand how much % of your users are still reachable with ads in the market
  •  See if your churned or inactive users are active on other apps
  •  Get an understanding of how effective programmatic retargeting could be for your marketing

Get estimate in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign a DPA via Docusign to ensure compliance with privacy regulations
  2. Ingest your audience data to Kayzen in a privacy safe way. You can ingest your audience data in either of the following ways:
    • File Upload (csv)
    • Server URL (e.g. S3 hosted csv file)
    • Your MMP of choice
    • Connect via API
  3. Wait for up to 24h and see how many of your users you could have reached via a Kayzen account during the past 7 days. Our system keeps updating this count so you will also see how your audience reach evolves over time.