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Keep control of your most valuable asset — data. Retain ownership while gaining full transparency and leverage. Take back your media buying process today.

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Unparalleled control

It’s time to take control of your programmatic advertising by bringing bidding in-house with Kayzen. Sharing your most valuable asset — data — with a third party will not give you the long term competitive edge you need. By taking programmatic in-house, you will be the sole beneficiary of your first-party data.

Own your retargeting campaigns

Retargeting is among the highest ROAS marketing activities for any game and app developer. Kayzen allows you to master retargeting in-house. Slice and dice audience data, use default or create custom bidding models, benefit from deep analytics, test and iterate creative at lightning speed and much more. On average, app developers increase ROAS by 50-100% when taking retargeting in-house because they save middleman fees and make better marketing decisions.

Full transparency

Smart marketing decisions originate from the right data. Get full transparency into your campaigns and make smart, data-driven decisions. We provide you with the deepest granularity of data available, down to the log level. No need to guess or rely on incomplete data to make decisions. With Kayzen you will have full visibility of every campaign detail in real-time. Slice and dice your data to drive valuable insights.

Drive growth with programmatic User Acquisition campaigns

Test, iterate and learn faster. We have what marketers need to get started with UA campaigns. Benefit from our experience and our feature-rich tools to reach your target audience and KPIs. With features such as bid multipliers, lookalike audiences, max bid capping, first and second price auction models, media planning tools, custom bidding algorithms and our tech savvy customer success team you will reach the highest results.

Global inventory access

Kayzen is integrated with all major mobile in-app inventory sources globally. We process more than 80 billion ad auctions per day. Through our technology infrastructure, you can reach more than 2 billion users monthly across 200 countries and more than 400,000 apps on both Android and iOS. A true one-stop-shop for all your programmatic campaigns.

Client Testimonials

Tobias Börner

Chief Growth Officer, Fastic

Kayzen has been a flexible and performant solution for us to acquire new users for both our app and web products. Their product leverages advanced machine learning to optimize for ROAS goals while providing the deepest transparency I've seen in the industry.

Carlo Szelinsky - Co-Founder - Applike Group (justDice)

Carlo Szelinsky

Co-Founder of Applike Group (justDice)

After having experimented with various managed DSPs unsuccessfully, justDice turned to Kayzen to help us build our programmatic buying in-house. The results have outperformed our previous programmatic user acquisition attempts and we have unlocked new use cases like retargeting with their SaaS solution.

Case Studies

 PLAYSTUDIOS, developer of award-winning casual casino games for mobile and social platforms, saw a 42% MoM increase in In-App Purchase by in-housing its RTB re-engagement with Kayzen.