We Democratize Programmatic Marketing


The mobile advertising industry is constantly evolving. Nevertheless, it is still an industry dominated by walled gardens like Google and Facebook or “black box” managed service advertising platforms. The lack of transparency and access to data does not allow advertisers to own their media buying process with full control.

Digital media changed the advertisement industry to become an accurate, measurable, performance-based environment in which data is the most valuable asset. We are facing a massive opportunity to change the way the mobile advertising industry works. At Kayzen we believe in control, transparency and performance. We believe that advertisers should be able to have full transparency and control over their media buying process, their services costs, and believe they should be the sole beneficiaries of their data. Advertisers should not be forced to purchase media with an opaque cost structure which oftentimes leads to misaligned incentives.

We are committed to changing this.

We are committed to democratizing programmatic marketing. We built Kayzen as a SaaS platform that enables you to take control and run your programmatic advertising in-house with unconditional transparency and a fair pricing model. This way, you grow smarter over time, build your own IP, keep your data in-house and exceed your performance targets by spending more of your ad dollars on working media using algorithms that align with your own performance goals.

Democratize Programmatic Marketing


Transparency and Control are two core USPs of Kayzen. Functioning democracies are transparent and give their citizens control over electing the government and thereby control over how they live in their country. We give our customers the maximum level of transparency over where and how their advertising budgets are deployed. We also enable true, unbiased measurement of the impact such advertising creates. Just like a well functioning democracy.

We also incorporate other principles of functioning democracies into our product and services. Democracies are about freedom of choice. We enable advertisers to start, pause, or edit campaigns without limitations by offering a powerful self-serve user interface and well-documented APIs. Democracies are also about fair and equal chances for candidates to win elections. We incorporate this principle by enabling advertisers to participate in fair RTB auctions, where the highest bid determines the winner. Finally, we incorporate the democratic concept of a secret ballot by enabling advertisers to keep their user data private and secure. Since advertisers buy impressions through Kayzen on a CPM basis, they do not have to share sensitive user-level data to publishers or middlemen. This allows them to keep the true value they assign to each impression and user confidential, so that media suppliers can not use it as a negotiation leverage against them.


Democratize Programmatic Marketing

Programmatic in the narrow sense is Real Time Bidding (RTB). But in a wider sense, we look at it as a way to leverage software and machine-based decisioning to increase efficiency and effectiveness of media budget allocation. We embrace both definitions.

One aspect of programmatic is automation. This relieves marketers of repetitive day-to-day work so they can spend more time on data analysis, strategy and creative tasks. It is also about reach & scale. We enable marketers to use Kayzen as a single access platform to reach users everywhere on this planet, across hundreds of thousands of apps, no matter which country they’re located in.

Programmatic marketing is about 1-to-1 and 1-to-few messaging, because this promise can only be fulfilled using smart real-time decisioning. Without programmatic, reaching the right user with the right message at the right time remains an unfulfilled promise. Finally, programmatic is also about machine learning and AI. Only the power of ML / AI can unfold the full potential of programmatic marketing.

Democratize Programmatic Marketing


Marketing is about conveying a message to people. We provide our customers with a technology that allows them to create a canvas. A canvas to reach their target audiences with their stories — using a variety of creative techniques and formats, such as videos, interactive ads and images.

By supporting multiple use cases — such as user acquisition, retargeting and brand building — we allow advertisers to reach their existing and prospective customers at every stage of their customer journey, from awareness, to intent, to consideration, to desire, to action.

We have the technology that allows you to reach your audience. With it, we can spread your marketing message to every corner of the world with a few clicks.

The future of advertising is in-house programmatic. We offer you the opportunity to reveal the future of programmatic marketing and to achieve its full potential.