Your holistic solution to privacy-first mobile programmatic marketing

Target like a pro in a Post-IDFA world and turn anonymous users into engaged audiences

Full Support for SKAdNetwork Campaigns in Self-Serve Mode

Kayzen has a robust suite of tools integrated throughout the platform to give you the leverage you need to operate in a post-IDFA world.

Manage iOS 14+ campaigns with the same insight and flexibility as the rest of your mobile advertising campaigns.

Analyze Your Campaigns with Integrated SKAN Dashboards

Customize the way you view SKAN campaign data and combine KPIs to get a full picture of all of your digital marketing activities. Achieve superior results by comparing MMP and SKAN install data.

Analyze your data with three KPI overview options and easily track the ‘SKAN‘ attribution source.

Optimize Your Mobile Ad Strategy with SKAN Inventory Insights

Maximize Kayzen‘s global inventory discovery tool to reach more than 2 billion users monthly across 200 countries and more than 400,000 apps.

Optimize your mobile ad strategy by analyzing unique SKAN related metrics and understanding the industry from a SKAN perspective.

Turn Anonymous Audiences into Defined Targets

Easily target LAT traffic without device ID for both iOS and Android devices and turn your anonymous audiences into defined targets.

Maximize campaign performance by using Kayzen‘s probabilistic frequency capping model that allows you to easily limit the maximum number of times a user sees an ad from your campaign.

Accelerate Campaign Performance through

Be among the first to use IDFV (Identifier for Publishers) and leverage UA/Retargeting Cross Promotion support on iOS 14+ to extend your campaign reach.

IDFV targeting gives you the ability to target custom audiences using the unique identifier value of your app’s users so that your campaign gets maximum exposure.

Boost Your Performance with Custom Bid Multipliers

Fine-tune your optimization strategies with Custom Bid Multipliers that allow you to adjust your campaigns by app, location, exchange, ad placement, and other variables. Test multiple strategies to discover which deliver the best results.

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