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Tim Koschella
A Change for the Better

Dear friends, partners and customers, This years’ holiday season is a memorable one, a ‘never-has-it-been-like-this-before’ and a ‘never-will-it-be-like-this-again’ holiday season, as we all realize what

Art of Deployment Optimization - Kayzen
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Servesh Jain
Art of Deployment Optimization

When you run a SaaS-based platform service especially if you run a transparent programmatic DSP platform, your highest motivation is to keep up with the

First Price Auction- A Buyer’s Perspective - Kayzen Blog
Product & Technology
Puneet Gupta
First Price Auction – A Buyer’s Perspective

The mobile app programmatic ecosystem is slowly but surely transitioning from second price to first price auctions. Some exchanges like AdColony, Google AdX, Samsung and