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Kayzen accelerates mobile growth for a leading European Brand-Performance agency

David Sandler


As third-party cookies become deprecated, brand advertisers are increasingly diversifying their advertising efforts, expanding from desktop web to mobile platforms. When a major European-focused agency sought to future-proof their advertising operations and in-house the ability to run high-performing, rich media mobile campaigns, driving users from in-app Ads to web, they turned to Kayzen to support their growth plans.

Through a bespoke integration with Kayzen, they gained the ability to scale their campaigns while maintaining complete control and transparency and delivering outstanding performance for their clients.


Running mobile campaigns is not difficult to achieve with the multitude of networks, DSPs, and tech platforms available to advertisers, all offering the ability to target ads towards an engaged mobile audience, whether it’s directing traffic to mobile web or to the App Stores.

For agencies, however, the challenge lies in delivering added value to their clients in this competitive space. If end clients can easily sign agreements directly with fully managed or guaranteed performance vendors, the agency’s unique value proposition diminishes.
This compelled the Agency to pursue diversification. They developed a product that delivered value over and above what was available elsewhere, and provided a new skill set for the team and revenue stream for the business.

Recognising the need to position themselves at the top of the value chain, the agency considered buying directly from exchanges. This would eliminate the middlemen and grant them access to inventory at a more competitive price point. However, the cost of developing their own bidding and optimisation stack proved prohibitive. After an exhaustive research and consultation process, they found the perfect solution in a partnership with Kayzen.


Kayzen’s unique commercial structure and technology enabled the Agency to license the Kayzen platform without losing budget to margins based on media spend. Leveraging the expertise of Kayzen’s data science and trading teams, they seamlessly integrated their own systems with the platform, developing a bespoke, fully-branded trading solution for their clients.

Because the Kayzen platform is built around transparency, the Agency had access to every single data point. This invaluable data resource allowed them to develop their own intelligence and optimisation tools. By leveraging Kayzen’s intelligent performance optimisation algorithms, they were able to deliver guaranteed performance outcomes for their customers, and thanks to the modular nature of Kayzen’s settings and APIs, the Agency could focus their tech resources on their core USPs, while relying on a strong partner like Kayzen to handle the heavy lifting.

This added real value to their clients, surpassing what third-party vendors or clients themselves could replicate. It elevated the Agency’s status to that of an indispensable partner, cementing their position as a trusted ally in the industry.


Over the three years, since the Agency chose Kayzen as their programmatic in-house bidder, the partnership between the two companies has grown. Their transactions through the platform have totalled over $20 million, with a peak monthly run rate exceeding $1 million, and they now have a dedicated team of over 15 traders, to accommodate their diverse customer base comprising hundreds of clients.


  • Agency leveraged Kayzen’s platform to create an in-house solution tailored for their clients looking to run compelling, rich media App-to-Web campaigns.
  • They honed their intelligence and skills, enabling them to consistently deliver on performance outcomes for their clients.
  • By leveraging Kayzen’s technology, they have successfully scaled their business and solidified their position as an indispensable partner for their clients.
David Sandler
Growth and Revenue lead with a passion for Mobile media. David has been working in the digital Ad space for over 15 years, with a focus on performance and programmatic media, specifically in mobile. At Kayzen, David manages the new business and client growth for all Agencies, and channel partners. When not at work, he can be found cooking in the kitchen, sweating in the gym or watching movies with his three daughters.

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