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Anatomy of an SDK – Episode 1 – Unity Exchange

Tomás Yacachury

Anatomy of an SDK

Episode 1 - Unity Exchange

Welcome to the “Anatomy of an SDK” series, where Kayzen meticulously dissects the rendering experience offered by each SDK-based exchange.

In our previous article, we delved into the impact of SDK rendering capabilities on the creative experience and the consequential performance metrics. Building on that foundation, each episode of this compelling series will take you on a profound exploration of the unique creative experience presented by different SDKs.

Now, we call upon the skilled hands of our metaphorical surgeon, ready to wield the scalpel, and dive into the nuances of the SDKs. Let the dissection begin!


Anatomy of an SDK report - Unity (iOS)
OS: iOS - Rewarded


Anatomy of an SDK report - Unity (Android)
OS: Android - Interstitial

CTR Evolution

unity exchange video
  • February 2023: Unity introduces Skip-to-Appsheet functionality on iOS. This feature not only triggers the in-app storeview when users click on the video or the CTA during the first 5 seconds, but also when they skip the video to the end card.


  • March 2023: Unity introduces FullScreen clickable area, available on both Android and iOS platforms. Nonetheless, Unity’s implementation differs from most other exchanges in the sense that the first 5s of the video are, not only non-skippable, but also non-clickable, potentially reducing the chance for accidental clicks.

iOS - Interstitial vs. Rewarded

You’ve probably noticed that, in iOS, Interstitial placements drive significantly higher click through rates (CTRs) than Rewarded. Counterintuitive, right?

The secret lies within the Skip-to-Appsheet functionality. Whenever the Unity SDK triggers the in-app store view, it will also fire the Click URL, including the case when the user has clicked on the Skip button.

As users tend to skip more frequently on Interstitial ads (with the ability to skip after 5s) compared to Rewarded ads (which allow skipping after 30 seconds), the Skip-to-Appsheet functionality is triggered more often in the former scenario. Consequently, interstitials generate a larger number of clicks compared to Rewarded placements.

At Kayzen, we place Transparency and Control at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to empowering both the industry and our customers, providing them with insights into the various programmatically available rendering experiences. Our ultimate goal? To empower them in maximizing the performance of their creative strategies, all while retaining complete control over their advertising endeavors. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to discover how we can assist you with your programmatic needs.

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