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Tim Koschella


Today is one of those days that I will remember for the rest of my life. When you start something new, it usually all starts with an idea which evolves into a vision. It is like a spark in your mind which keeps glowing and eventually lights a fire. I’ve had this spark in my head and it kept giving me more and more energy every day, until it lit a fire: towards the second half of last year, I realized I had to follow that passion and turn the vision into reality. Kayzen is what followed. 

We are a team of mobile ad-tech veterans who are passionate about solving big business and technology problems. Most of us have been dedicating their focus to building real time ad trading systems over the past years. We are now bringing the combined technology, product and business experience together as a team to push the boundaries of the mobile advertising ecosystem further. We power the world’s best mobile marketing teams to take programmatic in-house. We think the most sophisticated players in our industry are eager to take control in-house and integrate their advertising campaigns closer with their product, systems and processes – in real time. While managed services, the predominant way of buying ads today, have their place and value in the market for certain advertiser categories, we also believe the very best ones will eventually run programmatic in-house, pioneering new ways of running in-app user acquisition, retargeting and upper funnel campaigns. 

A famous saying goes: “Rome wasn’t built in a single day”. This particularly applies to building enterprise level software. It takes time, dedication and a lot of continuous improvement. So does client adoption and implementation. We are embarking on a long term mission to change our industry to give back transparency and control to mobile advertisers while keeping up with the promise of performance and ROAS. We are looking to make it a reality. Since “Rome wasn’t built in a single day” either, we kick started Kayzen leveraging a software platform most of my team and I have been developing over the past couple of years. Rome is already there, we are now just making it bigger and more beautiful. 

Before we came up with our name, Kayzen, we went through long and inspiring brainstormings within our leadership team. Choosing a name is always a big thing when you start something new. We eventually decided for Kayzen, because we all identify with the principles of Kai-zen. Its origins are in a Japanese philosophy and business culture and signify “change for better”, which translates into english as continuous improvement. We believe this is what the best mobile marketers do at their very core all the time. It’s in the DNA of all the great app developers and entrepreneurs out there! They try, fail, iterate, improve, optimize, A/B test and eventually find the best possible combination of a set of variables to yield the best return on advertising spend they can get. Our focus is supporting these people, our clients, with software and know-how to do it better and bigger leveraging the power of programmatic. 

This is why client obsession stands at the core of our brand identity. Clients who challenge us and push us into unknown terrain are those that we love! Eventually, when you are pioneering something new in an already existing industry like we do, the spirit you have to wake up with every morning is: what else can I do? What can I do better? How can we add more value to those who use our product? Continuous improvement is a never ending journey. 

I would like to thank my team, the Kayzen team, for trusting in me as a leader and for having made all this possible with their tireless support. This is day 1, we are at the very beginning, a new beginning, and we have nothing less in mind than leaving a big impact on this exciting, fast paced and innovative industry called mobile advertising. 


Tim Koschella, Founder & CEO


Tim Koschella
An entrepreneur who appreciates high-end technology and data. Tim founded 3 other internet tech companies before Kayzen, each of which employs 100+ people today. He started the first one at the age of 23 and has learned a few lessons since. In his free time, Tim enjoys music, outdoor sports (water or snow) and traveling.

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