Global mobile agency partners with Kayzen achieving 40% performance boost for OTT video app kayzen

Global mobile agency partners with Kayzen achieving 40% performance boost for OTT video app

David Sandler


Our client, a prominent international mobile agency, faced challenges finding quality media partners for their new client amidst a crowded and overwhelming landscape of networks, platforms, exchanges, DSPs, offer walls, and other suppliers.

Every vendor seemed to offer the same promises, with buzzwords filling their pitch decks, but very few were forthcoming about the strategies they would use, to achieve these results.


With install fraud a persistent issue in the performance mobile space, the lack of transparency was a significant friction point for the agency. Their client, a well-known OTT provider competing with several key rivals like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, needed a vendor capable of running multiple creative formats to leverage their engaging video content, as well as the infrastructure to conduct and evaluate A/B tests.

Beyond performance, the client also sought a partner who could address the worry of data modeling; where vendors use learnings generated from one client’s campaign to benefit their competitors.

To meet these requirements, the agency needed to find a media partner with the following key attributes;

  1. Significant reach into their core demographic
  2. A proven capability to deliver campaigns at scale
  3. Diverse creative formats
  4. Complete transparency and data ownership


Kayzen was designed from the ground up to provide clients with the most comprehensive and transparent mobile programmatic advertising solution. Our platform operates on a foundation of collaboration, working hand in hand with our supply partners to ensure our clients have access to the best quality inventory. Additionally, we collaborate closely with tracking and fraud prevention technologies to optimize our clients’ spend efficiently, and continuously develop the platform in alignment with the ever-evolving industry demands.

Our approach with agency partners also centers on collaboration, and we initiated our partnership with this Agency following this principle. Firstly, we delved into understanding the client’s App, its key features, functionality, costing models, and user flow, in order to fully understand their KPIs. Often, clients focus on proxy metrics such as cost per install, when their real objective is to drive purchase revenue from users who have installed. Once we establish the true marketing objectives, we can leverage our experience to better advise the client as to the KPI’s they should be using.

By working closely with the agency, we gained deeper insights into the client’s goals and established benchmarks and performance expectations for the campaign. With a solid understanding of the App and the campaign objectives, we then evaluated their audience profile. Insights from initial RTB campaigns on platforms like Google or Facebook guided us in identifying the target audience’s age, gender, interests, and performance trends which along with our own learnings and experience, helped define parameters for the campaign’s initial phase.

To instill confidence in programmatic media, we implemented a manually curated campaign strategy, ensuring minimal spending on irrelevant user profiles without hindering the campaign’s ability to learn and scale.

Once we locked in the KPIs, campaign strategy, and setup, we needed to confirm that the tracking and attribution were working effectively. Our Ad Operations team worked in partnership with the agency to perform comprehensive end-to-end tests, ensuring robust integration with the MMP and confirming that we were receiving all the data needed in order for machine learning optimization, and for our trading team to conduct the manual oversight.

Next, we focused on the client’s specific reporting requirements and ensured that we could provide them with the necessary information in the right format and within their timelines. We tailored our reporting options to align with these requirements. Our primary objective was to make the reporting process seamless and efficient for the agency team. All agency clients have the flexibility to access a user-friendly self-serve reporting dashboard equipped with data visualization and export capabilities. Additionally, they can utilise reporting APIs to gain personalized data access, or opt for scheduled reports that match their existing templates, automatically delivered at a frequency that suits their workflow.

Before going live, we carefully evaluated the clients’ creative assets, particularly their video content, crucial for reaching a wide audience. As an OTT provider with a variety of video content, we assisted them in building a testing matrix to draw actionable learnings and better inform the campaign strategy.

With all the pre-launch checks completed, we were ready to go live.


With the client’s performance goal of cost per sign-up, we strategically employed a cost-per-install goal as an intermediary event to fine-tune the campaigns whilst gathering statistically significant sign-up data.

The results exceeded expectations delivering CPIs at over 50% below the goal. As we transitioned to using the sign-up data point for campaign optimization, we were able to deliver users at over 40% below the goal.

To date, we have successfully delivered nearly 100K high-quality users to the client’s app, resulting in 20,000 new subscribers.

As the campaign progressed, daily spend levels saw consistent growth, and in the last six months alone, the daily spend surged by an astounding 300%.

By prioritizing a vendor partnership that emphasizes development and mutual success rather than short-term results, this agency cemented its relationship with its client. Their efforts led to increased revenues, demonstrating their ability to provide value beyond that of a typical media buyer, making them a trusted ally.


  • By focusing on a partnership built on development and mutual success, the agency solidified its client relationship, prioritizing lasting collaboration over short-term gains.
  • With the commitment and knowledge of Kayzen’s Customer Success team, the agency drove increased revenues and showcased its capacity to deliver value that goes beyond that of a traditional media buyer.
  • This success established the agency as a reliable and trusted ally for the client’s objectives.
David Sandler
Growth and Revenue lead with a passion for Mobile media. David has been working in the digital Ad space for over 15 years, with a focus on performance and programmatic media, specifically in mobile. At Kayzen, David manages the new business and client growth for all Agencies, and channel partners. When not at work, he can be found cooking in the kitchen, sweating in the gym or watching movies with his three daughters.

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