Beyond Stigma – 5 Myths About Mobile RTB Debunked (Video)

Philip Mohr


2014 and 2015 were the “hype years” of Mobile RTB. It was believed to be the “hot new thing” and the future of mobile app advertising.

However, many mobile performance advertisers that actually tried RTB, didn’t manage to optimize for their performance KPIs and were left disappointed.

The ecosystem and technology just wasn’t there yet.

A couple of years have passed and the mobile RTB ecosystem and mobile advertising evolved. A lot.

The rise of header bidding and more mature technology unleashed the true potential of RTB as a channel for mobile performance advertisers.

But the stigma and many misconception are still deeply in a lot of people’s heads.

We wanted to clear things and produced this 100 second clip.

5 Myths About Mobile RTB Debunked

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Philip Mohr
Philip provided consultation for Kayzen. He assisted Kayzen to develop a new customer segment. Worked with our CEO on fundraising, and contributed to the marketing and finance departments.

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